Trail Closure

At Kirby Park, the accessible trail remains closed due to storm damage.

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Photo by David Gubernick

Water & Weather Monitoring

Water & Weather Monitoring

Tracking the pulse of estuary ecosystems

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Elkhorn Slough Reserve conducts rigorous long-term monitoring to track water quality and weather in the estuary.

Healthy water conditions are essential for all life in Elkhorn Slough, but high agricultural inputs combined with stagnant conditions in diked portions of the estuary have led to poor water quality and low biodiversity. As nutrient inputs decrease and natural tidal exchange is allowed to return, our monitoring data will show improvements.

Both water quality and weather are also affected by global climate change, and our monitoring is important for understanding how conditions are changing.

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Current Conditions

Information from Reserve monitoring.

Pitch in with Zooniverse

Since 1989, thousands of photos of water quality sites around Elkhorn Slough have been collected. We need your help to classify them so that we can better track changes.

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Elkhorn slough water at dusk

Photo by Eric Surprenant

Elkhorn Connects Us

Much of our work at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve is powered by volunteers.

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