Trail Closure

At Kirby Park, the accessible trail remains closed due to storm damage.

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Understanding the estuary to improve habitat and species protection

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Conservation Science at Elkhorn Slough

The goal of the Reserve research program is to inform conservation strategies for Elkhorn Slough and other estuaries. This research includes long-term monitoring to detect changes over time and short-term projects to understand and diminish threats to Slough habitats and communities.

We are committed to restoration science, conducting experiments to determine the most effective strategies for bringing back coastal species and habitats that have been negatively impacted by human activities. We serve as Elkhorn Slough detectives, solving mysteries and supporting the recovery of this precious estuary. Our work is collaborative, and our doors are always open to students, researchers, or community members who’d like to help study Elkhorn Slough.

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Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander

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Current Conditions

Information from Reserve monitoring.

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State of the Estuary Report

How healthy is the estuary? Researchers at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve highlight recent trends and indicators.


Photo by Keith Ellenbogen

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Water Quality Report

This powerful interactive tool displays water quality patterns in Elkhorn Slough


Long-Term Monitoring

Reserve staff and volunteers keep their fingers on the pulse of the estuary.

Conservation Research

Reserve staff conduct applied studies to support conservation and management.

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Elkhorn Connects Us

Much of our work at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve is powered by volunteers.

Volunteer With Us
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