Trail Closure

At Kirby Park, the accessible trail remains closed due to storm damage.

First frame

Video by Edmund Lowe Photography, Russell Sharpe, and Juan Ramirez.

One of California’s last great coastal wetlands

Topo lines HP full

A cradle of biodiversity in Monterey Bay

From oak-covered ridges to tidal salt marsh, Elkhorn Slough and its watershed is a remarkable meeting place between land and sea. Rare habitats for endangered wildlife nestle up against farms, towns, ranchlands, and industries. It’s a place to explore, discover, fall in love with, and care for—generation after generation.

854Mgallons of groundwater saved each year
16threatened and endangered species
25%of the watershed protected
Snowy egret flying

Photo by Keith Ellenbogen

Keep Elkhorn Wild

Give today to preserve the lands and waters of Elkhorn Slough for future generations.

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