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Elkhorn Slough Tidal Wetland Project: Restoration Projects

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the Tidal Wetland Project.

TWP is in the planning phase to determine possible restoration projects for Elkhorn Slough’s tidal wetlands. Download the Elkhorn Slough Tidal Wetland Project Strategic Plan which provides guidance for future estuarine restoration projects in Elkhorn Slough. Current restoration planning efforts:

Parsons Slough Wetland Restoration Project
Learn more about efforts to develop a Parsons Slough Wetland Restoration Plan. This Plan will evaluate tidal marsh restoration alternatives in this vital area of the Slough.

Parsons Slough Map

Ecosystem-based Management and Restoration at Elkhorn Slough
Learn more about Elkhorn Slough’s ecosystem-based management (EBM) approach and current EBM restoration activities, including:

A. Development of Strategies to Predict Tidal Hydrology and Sediment Changes (Modeling Restoration Alternatives)
B. Interactions of Nutrient Dynamics with Hydrology
C. Interactions of Wetland Elevation, Hydrology, and Sediment on Marsh Habitats
D. Responses of Biological Indicators to Hydrologic Regime
E. Estimates of Economic Values and Analysis of Legal and Political Context

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