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Tidal Wetland Project: Key Documents

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the Tidal Wetland Project.

When we mention key documents we are talking about the management plans and important reports that define the missions, goals and work being done to conserve and restore habitats in the Elkhorn Slough watershed. All of these reports and associated figures are online and available for download.

Follow the links below for more about each Key Document or scroll through the database below.

Elkhorn Slough Tidal Wetland Strategic Plan (2007) 

Parsons Slough Wetland Restoration Plan Final (2010)

Final Philip Williams and Associates report - Elkhorn Slough Tidal Wetland Project Hydrodynamic Modeling and Morphologic Projections of Large-Scale Restoration Actions FINAL REPORT (2008)

The above database also links to:

Elkhorn Slough at the Crossroads: Natural Resources and Conservation Strategies for the Elkhorn Slough Watershed (2002) Identifies key natural resources of Elkhorn Slough and recommends conservation strategies.

The Elkhorn Slough Watershed Conservation Plan (1999) Serves as a guide for future conservation activities by identifying critical resources, the most significant threats (stresses and sources of stress) to those resources, and strategies to protect these resources over time.

The Elkhorn Slough Tidal Hydraulics Erosion Study (1992) Prepared for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by Philip Williams and Associates, Ltd. and Moffatt & Nichol Engineers. The purpose of the study was to determine if the Corps' Moss Landing Harbor Navigation Project has caused, or is causing, any erosion of the vegetated marshlands in Elkhorn Slough. The study also examined other possible causes that may have led to erosion and evaluated and recommended solutions to the erosion problems in Elkhorn

The Elkhorn Slough Wetland Management Plan (1989) Prepared for the Monterey County Planning Department and the California State Coastal Conservancy by ABA Consultants. The Plan summarizes erosion, sedimentation, water quality research, and the natural history of Elkhorn Slough, recommends wetland enhancement plans and implementation strategies, and identifies long-term management problems.



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