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Donor Recognition and Thanks

Elkhorn Slough is being protected through the generosity and partnership of many individuals, business, and agencies. We would like to recognize and thank everyone who provides support for the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Elkhorn Slough Foundation. Your commitment to our work – from conserving and restoring the land to estuary science and wetlands education – provides the critical support needed for Elkhorn Slough to be protected forever providing inspiration for generations to come.

Thank you … your generosity makes all the difference!

Thank you for your extraordinary support in 2014. The following listings acknowledge gifts of $35 or more received from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.  We are grateful for each and every donation we receive to support our mission to conserve and restore the Elkhorn Slough and its watershed. Thank you for your kindness and generosity — and for sharing our vision of protecting the Elkhorn Slough forever. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Anonymous (2)
Applewood Fund
James Irvine Foundation
The Lauralie and J. Irvine Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
Michael Lee Environmental Foundation
McKay Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Monterey Peninsula Foundation
Pebble Beach Company Foundation
Barnet Segal Charitable Trust
Will and Mary Shaw Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Corporate Stewards
Ericka Engelman Couture
Granite Construction
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
Laura Vollset Illustration & Design
Monterey County Weekly — Monterey County Gives!
New Belgium Brewing Company
Ocean Mist Farms


Land Donors (Past & Present)
Diane Cooley and Porter Family
Mildred Cormack
Nancy Giberson
Rikk Kvitek
Sale Family
Sandholdt Family

Legacy Circle
Amir and Julie Avnit
Kris Beall
Don and Diane Cooley
Steven and Sona Dennis
Sharon Green
Richard and Diane Klein
Richard Painter
Mark Silberstein and Jane King-Silberstein
Jack and Gretchen Taylor
Kristi and Jan van Greunen
Mary Yoklavich and Jim Harvey

Land Partners ($10,000+)
Terry Eckhardt and Cathleen Chandler Eckhardt
Robert Hartmann
Ruth S. Hartmann
Rafael Lopez and Linda Marks
Richard and Mary Solari Charitable Trust
Suzanne Taunt

Conservation Circle ($5,000-$9,999)
Bill and Patricia Eggleston
Herb and Nancy Greenfield
Frank F. Orr and Zoe Ann Orr Fund for Elkhorn Slough Foundation of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Douglas Plante

Stewardship Circle ($1,000-$4,999)
Lysbeth Warren Anderson
Will and Margaret Betchart
Judith Connor
Colligan Family Charitable Fund
Steven and Sona Dennis
Bill and Nancy Doolittle
David and Roberta Elliott
Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
John and Frances Gentry
Gwen and Bob Gin
Steve and Jane Green
Sandy and Hope Hale
Alfred and Katherine Herbermann
Patti and Brian Herman
Lisa and Tom Hoivik
Anne Irwin
Gary and Sarah Johnson
Linda Jordan
Wayne Krill
Lynn and Richard Magruder
Kent Marshall and Nancy Farrell
Gary and Andrea McDonald
Linda Melton
Konny Murray
Anne Olsen
Jack and Tama Olver
Richard and Jane Peattie
George and Sharon Perry
C. Michael Pinto
Yvonne Provaznik
Aneita and John Radov
Caroline Rodgers
Allen and Cynthia Ruby
David Sacarelos
Kirk and Carol Schmidt
Brooke Schwartz and John Corlett
Anne Secker
Mark Silberstein and Jane King-Silberstein
Les Strnad
Kristi and Jan van Greunen
Lydia Villarreal
Chris and Karen Wagner
Christine Weir and Sally Arnold
Tom Williams
Mary Wright


Jennifer Baldwin
Marjorie and Robert Bowles
Margaret Butcher
David Day
Judy Donaldson
Pat Duran
David Fried and
Diann Russell
Ashley Fullenwider, Nuu‑Muu
Jack Golphenee
Anne Harrington
Pat and Tina Hartney
Richard Le Cour
Steven Locy
Skip McLaughlin
Marsha McMahan Zelus
Eva Miranda
Don and Laura Newmark
Sharon Osberg
Wendy Pelton
Susan Sands
R. Giuseppi Slater, M.D.
Genny Smith
Scott and Tish Teaford
Grace Voss
Gudrun and John Wasson
Carol Willetts

Larry Abrams and Devorah Harris
Claudia Bartelt
Thomas F. Bickel
Camp SEA Lab
Patricia Cervantes
Max Chaplin
Jacqueline Colbert
Mark and Terry Corwin
Wendy Culver
Dolores Dannemiller
Dobler & Sons LLC
Mary Brooke Doverspike
Vikki Erickson
Luke Evnin and Deann Wright
Kay and Les Filler
Allan Fukuyama and Valerie Hironaka
James and Renee Fuqua
Kirk and Meredith Gafill
Richard Golinski
Susan and Jim Greene
Emil F. Gumper
Loretta Halter
Chris Herron
Marilyn Hopkins
Larry and Marcia Hulberg
Barbara Indra
Bob Johnson
Elizabeth Joniak-Grant
Trisha and Brandon Kett
Coralin King
Richard Kirby and Michele Wilde-Kirby
Peter and Sue La Tourrette
Bryan Largay
Melanie LeBlanc
Lisa Lierheimer
Ross and Jess Millikan
Mariann Novarina
Helen Ogden
Daniel and Bonnie Orange
Irene Osterbrock
Marc Rosen
Ernie and Candy Scalberg
Robert and Barbara Scoles
John and Lonna Sherwin
Kurt and Robyn Silberstein
Rod and Nancy Skager
Donald and Victoria Slichter
Dennis and Ellen Smith
David and Mary South
Naidene Stengel
Becky and Jorge Suarez
Lorili Toth
Jim and Ellie Van Houten
Hudson Washburn
Dick White
David and Susan Wirshup
Karen Young

Anonymous (2)
Juana and Andreas Acrivos
Robert Andrew and Barbara Cameron
Eddie and Lois Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Mary Arman
Barbara Baldock and Phil Butler
Judith Barker
Patricia Bartz
Kathleen Becker
Paul Beckley
Kate Benkert and Harriet Ammann
Clayton and Sarah Berling
Stefan and Mary Berlinski
Mel Blevens
Barry and Kathy Blodgett
Margaret Bohn
Renie Borowski
Paul Bradshaw
Helen Breck
Richard and Demi Briscoe
Deborah Bronstein and Evans Whitaker
Betsy Buchalter Adler
John and Janet Bush
Tom Bush
Kristin Byrd and Jeff Peachin
Gregor and Diane Cailliet
Judith H. Carey and Russell B. Weisz
Peter and Helen Carr
Antoinette Carter
Christopher Chorey
Tim Christoffersen
Joe Christy
Patricia Clark-Gray
David and Virginia Clarkson
Ed and Ann Clifton
Terry and Zeo Coddington
Doug and Loann Colacicco
Peter Colburn
Jeffery Collins
John K. Colwell, MD
Craig and Nancy Comartin
D. Cook Construction
Lind and Jeananne Coop
Ruth Lynn Craig
Barbara Cronise
Wayne Cruzan
Wendy Cumming
Eric Cummins
Betty Cunningham
K. Curliss
Alex Darocy
Leonard Davis
Shanta Day
Jacqueline Deely
The Deen Family
Daryl Dichek
Kathy and Al DiFrancesco
Roberta Dooley
Susan Draper
Emily DuBois
Devorah Duncan
Cynthia Dzendzel
Priscilla and Bill Eckert
Gerald and Nancy Eidam
Daniel Emerson
Bruce and Canda Emmeluth
David Evans
Monica Farris
Elizabeth Ferguson
Michele Finch
Paul Fleischman and Patty Brown
Jean Floyd
Rick and Cheryl Fournier
Barbara Francis
Dean Francis
John and Joyce Franzman
Peter and Robin Frazier
Peter and Linda Frederiksen
Richard Freeman
David Freyberg
Edward Frost
Carol Fuller
David and Mary Fullerton
Marcia Furry
Cathy Gamble
Judith Garrison
Brian and Sarah Gentile
Bill Gielow and Mark Sachau
Beverly Gilfillian
Joseph Giunta
Steven Gold and Irina Markova
Paul Goldman
Dave Grabost
Leonie Graddy
Constance Greene
Dave and Debbie Grover
Candace Haber
Jo Hahn
Dan and Rebecca Haifley
Bob and Ashley Halderman
Carl Hanks
Penny Hanna and Slim Heilpern
Reuben and Tamara Harris
Christopher Harrold
Arthur Haseltine
Kitty Hawker
Laurence Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hedegard
Bob and Ann Hestand
Nancy and Steven Highbarger
Ed and Adrian Hilz
Phyllis Hodges
Jean Horner
Peter Hoss
John Hunt
Diane Ichiyasu
Steve and Pam Imsen
Mary Ellen Irons
Randa Jacobs
Gerald and Susan James
Cynthia Johnson
William Kampe
Dennis and Marilyn Kanemura
Mary Louise Kates
William Kauth
Margie Kay
Barbara Kent
Ann Kern
Richard and Diane Klein
Klaus and Mari Kloeppel
Jessie Lacy
Frank Laurich
Anadel Law
Brian and Sally Legakis
Jeff Lemons and Debbie Murphey
Mark Levine
Robert and Nancy Ley
George and Elise Liddle
Benjamin Long
Marcia Love-Jackson and Robert Jackson
Lenore McGee Luscher
Gerry Mandel
Cynthia Mar
Michael Marsh and Elsy Palma
Laura Martin
John and Megan Martinelli
Robert and Lisa Martone
Ann and Mario Marty
Bernice Mason
Lynne McCammon
Perry McCarty
Roger and Diane McClaughry
Patrick and Cabell McCormick
Marilyn McLoughlin
Jean McNamara
Charles and Susan McNiesh
Roy and Barbara Meazell
Shirley Meneice
Michael Merrithew
Nancy Merritt
Kathryn Metz
Lawrence D. Miller, Esq.
Miller Starr Regalia
Stephen Millich
Patricia Minsloff
John and Ellen Moir
Monterey Dunes Colony Association
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society
Marjorie Moore
Jacqueline and Peter Moseley
Daniel Mountjoy
Phil Murphy
Lynn and Gary Myers
Paul and Judy Myers
Beverly Naumann and Richard Bishop
Ruth Nedelsky
Mary Nelson and Lance Sprague
Ric and Carol Nichols
Scott Nichols and Melinda Nakagawa
Mark and Jolene Nicklanovich
Robin Nims Elliott
Joanne Nissen
Noland, Hamerly, Etienne & Hoss
Eric Norris
Gretchen North
Lawrence and Carolyn Olsen
Terry Palmisano
Chris and Nancy Panziera
Peter Parham
Eva and Ted Parrott
Christina Parsons
Richard Pasetto and Sherry Palacios
Chris and Bob Patton
Mark and Mary Paxton
John and Vicki Pearse
Lynne and Richard Penrose
Marilyn Perry
Marvella Peterman
Marion Petersen
David and Katie Pethia
Amy Pofcher and Enrique Degregori
Kim Powell
Ruth Rachel
Melody Randel
Don and Ann Rathjen
Jim Rauh
Kate Raymundo
Burton and Cynthia Rees
Dean Robbins
John Roberts and Sara Kane
Cheryl Trotter Robertson
Carol and William Rodgers
Carol Rowberg
Jeri Rozadilla
James and Anne Rurka
Marguerite Ryan
Ivan Samuels
Tom Scharffenberger
Jeffrey and Edith Schwartz
Janet Schwind
Maggie Seely
Myron Seres and Jody Cutaia
Jessica Sheu and Todd Poynor
Kenneth and Sally Ann Sikes
Jim Sloane
Craig and Wendy Smith
Ken Smith
Laura Smith
Roger Smith
Phil and Sachi Snyder
Laura Solorio
Terry and Julie Spitz
SSB Construction
Maureen Starr
Diane Steelsmith
Mary Stofega
Ichiro Sugidono
Lynn Sullivan
Joseph Szep
David Taggart
Richard Taylor
Daniel Tellep
Jerry and Jean Thomas
Patrick Thompson
Israel Trujillo, DDS
Jeanne Turner
Mari Tustin
Dean Tyler
Bill and Cecy Ussler
Donna Valdez
Marla and Grady Van Cleve
Dana Van Horn
Julie Veitch
Joseph and Catherine Ann von Schwind
Dan Walker
Cindy and John Wallbrink
Jerry and Robynn Walters
Kerstin Wasson and Bruce Lyon
Jay and Mary Ann Watson
Steve Webster
Joseph and Joyce Weiss
John and Susan West
Jack and Polly Western
George and Jo White
Clare Wilde
Carol Williams
Mary Ann Wilson
Jon and Jill Winston
Joe and Roslyn Witt
Jonathan and Susan Wittwer
Shirley Wodtke
Ruth Wong
Gary and Christine Younger
Karin Zahorik

Suzanne Abel
Patricia and Jeff Adams
Rosemary and
G.D. Adamson
Dorothy Albee
Mark Alderson
Jeff Alford and Brenda Barceló
Carolyn Allen
John and Jennifer Anderson
Judy Andrews
Suzanne Appel-Farrington
John Bacon
Russell Baggot
Sheila Baldridge
Jeffrey and Eileen Barnum
Deirdre Baxter
Tom and Lili Beggs
Jane V. R. Bernasconi
Harry and Mary Blanchard
Shannon Bliss
Jay Bonestell
Jenifer Bovey
Gail “Jake” Bradshaw
Marilyn Brennan
Dale Bridenbaugh
Kathryn Britton
Tiffini Brookens
Donald and Alice Brown
Martha Brown
John C Bruckman
Kathleen Bryant
Don and Dellene Bussey
Mark Buxbaum
Mimi Carlson
Robert and Maureen Carr
Cammy Chabre
Doug and Gail Cheeseman
Carl Christensen and Jo Ann Novoson
Alan Church
Lisa and Tony Ciani
Marcella Clark
Amy Clarke
Bryan Cockel and Jane Orbuch
Darcy Cohn
Thomas and Laurie Coke
Shirley Coleman
Ronald J. Conlin, Sr.
Kevin Contreras
Sonia Cook
Susan Cook
Neal Coonerty
Ayla and Sandy Coplin
James Creager
Christopher and Patricia Cross
Lucia Dahlstrand
William and Constance Dallmann
Patricia Dally
Rev. Paul Danielson, Jr.
Nora Deans
Leslie and Stan DeLugach
Ewald Delzeit
Barbara Demere
Andrew and Lois DeVogelaere
Marilyn Brant DeYoung
Katharine Donovan
Robert and Esther Donovan
Roger and Teresa Douglass
Christine Driedger
Margot Edwards
Roy and Isako Egawa
Elkhorn Slough Safari
Bruce Elliott
Donald and Margaret Emery
Gabi Estill
Victoria Fash
George Feliz and Mary Cooper Feliz
Bill and Sui Yee Fenwick
Patricia Finlay
Rudolf Fischer
Robert Fox
John Franscioni
Angela Frassetto
Nora Freeman
Alan French
Marian Fricano
Betty Gangware
Kirby Gant
Russ and Alice Gates-Wilcox
Donald and Frances Gaver
Edgar Gilbert
Dennis Giuffre
Peter Glassford
Richard Goering
Lois and Walter Goldfrank
Mark and Barbara Gordon
Winnie and Les Gorn
Gitta Grabowski
Loudene Grady
Carolyn Graham
Joe Griffin
Isa Gucciardi
John Gurley
William Guthrie
David Hartley
Penelope Hassett
Christine Hayamizu
Dave and Tina Heidmann
Adrienne Herman
John Herold
John Heyl
Jan Hintermeister
Astrid Holberg and David Awerbuck
David Holman
Steve and Margie Honegger
Lorraine Honig
Patricia Horsley
Susan Hunt
Judith Husted
Carol Ilse
Robert and Joan Jack
Harry and Sue Jackson
Edwin James
Carol Jennings
Robert Jenson
Pat Johns
James Jones
R. Paul Jones
Chris Jong
John Joseph
Marilyn Karsten
James Keeffe
Mary Keesling
Jennifer Keiderling
Mike and Barbara Kelly
Frank and Debbie Kendrick
Patricia Kinn
Steven and Elaine Kitrosser
Jamie Kitz
Jack and Pilar Kopecky
Terry Kosaka
David Kubik
Jack and Jane Kundin
Naturalists at Large
Lawrence Laslett and Laurie Winthers
Mark Lawless
Martin and Wendy Lazar
William Lean
Jessica Leas
David Lee
Eileen Levy
Robert Littlefield
Kathleen Locke
Pamela Looney
Don Lorenzen
Richard Lundy and Jane Ashley Lundy
John Lunsford
Michael Luther
Charles and Georgia Mackh
Joey and Michele Madrigal
Rosellen Mastoris
John and Shirley Mayer
Lee Ann and Jim McClenahen
Shana Levy McCracken
Rich Hill and Bruce McMillan
Greg and Sue Mendell
Lisa Mendelsohn
David Meyers
Ginnie Mickelson
Ruth Mikusko
Elizabeth Miller
Kevin Miller
Mike Miller and Cathy Chavez-Miller
Kathleen Moe
Allan Molho
Bill Monning and Dana Kent
The Morrill Family
Simone and George Mortan
Jennifer Moylan
Patricia Moylan
Andrew Munn
Grace Nakamura
Sandra Neeland
Kathleen Nelsen
George Nethercutt
Greg and Sue Netzorg
Rob Neyer
Patty Nicely
Harold Nisson
William Nugent, Jr.
Kathleen O'Brien
Daniel and Linda O'Brien
Ohlone Audubon Society
Jon P Okada
Donald Olsen and Elizabeth Skillicorn Olsen
Mark and Claire Osborne
Jill Parker
Roberta Parkinson
Anna Patterson
Gary Patton
Philip and Valerie Pearman
Ruth Pease
Donna Perry
James Phillips
Elaine Posner
Donna Preece
Bernadette and Bob Ramer
Mary Lou Ramsey
Rosemary Raphael
Tom Rath
Michael Ray
David Reinhardt
Jim and Anna Rheim
Jim and Brenda Richmond
Barbara Rieder
Linda Roberts
Bruce Robison
Jill Robison
Patricia Rogers
Ronald Ronconi
Ted Rose
Edward Ross and Edie Morad-Ross
Judy Rothman
Karyn Rozenoff
Eric and Melinda Ruchames
Jeannie Rueter
Mike and Sue Sampson
Roger and Jeane Samuelsen
Jere Schaefer
Stephen Schulte
Celia Scott
Victor and Shayna Selby
Anna Seliskar
Bernie Shapiro
Howard Shellhammer
Keith Skaug
Richard Skolly
Celeste Stanik
Keith and Dorothy Stapleton
Deborah Stark
John Steinhart
Georgia Stigall
Willem and Cathy Stoeller
Harold and Monyeen Stout
Robert Stratton
Tim and Nancy Swanson
Richard Talmadge
James Tanaka
Duane Thompson
Judy Thompson
Bob and Rosemary Tintle
Tim Torgenrud
Kimberley M Toscas
Wendy Toshitsune
J. Breck and Nancy Tostevin
Andy Toth
Daniel and Virginia Tracy
Robin Trozpek
Dee and Peter Trundle
Richard and Anne Trussell
Lonni Trykowski
Kin-Lan Wu Tsai
Lisa Uttal and Jeffrey Meek
Mark and Deborah Vanderwoude
Elsa Vineberg
Naomi Wain
Douglas and Darien Walker
Mary Jo Walker
Jane Wallace
Tanis Walters
Bruce and Nanci Weissgold
Katherine Wiese
Hope Williams
Bruce and Elinor Wilner
Delilah Wood
Barry and Eileen Woodward
Leora Worthington
Larry Wright, Jr.
Dan Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker
Barbara Yoshinobu
G. E. Young, Jr.
Bradley Zeve
Joe and Julie Zier
Kenneth Zukin

Marjorie Ackerman
Edwin Aiken
Samuel and Amanda Akiyama
Alistair Anderson
Muriel Anderson
Charles Asmus
Janice Bales
Nancie Barker
Robert Barth
Tamara Bates
Sheryl Beckett
Chris Benson
Janie Bettencourt
Dorothy and James Bettinger
Sam and Elena Bishop
Andrea Boone
Alicia Borowski
Frank Bottero
Susana Brown
Bree Candiloro and Jordan Plotsky
Margaret Caroff
Calvin and Jennifer Carr
Anthony and Nancy Catena
Karen Chan
Ming-Shih Chiang
Madelyn Choi and Kim Steinhardt
Sheila Clark
Marilyn and Jack Clifton
Sandra Cohen
Margaret Colbert
Denise Cole
Constance Constable
Joe Cook
A.W. and Gail Cooper
Martha Craig
German Criollo
George and Christine Curach
Leslie Curtis
Shelly D'Amour
Gerald Daniel
Pamela Davis
Jacqueline Day
Carol de Vries
Thomas and Sonia Deetz
Fatima Dias
Alf Popp and Ingrid Distler-Popp
Patrick and Jane Donnelly
Brenda Dutkiewicz
Doug Elliott
Farnaz Fatemi
Noel Fenton
Michael Fineman
Kristen Fletcher
Joel Galanda
Evelina Gara
Jennifer Gavin
James Gholson
Greta Gibson
Allison Gong
Marcia Gould
Gail Griffin
Karen Groppi
Jennifer Groth
Michele Guido
Patricia Hadley
Nancy Hagio
Shaina Hall
Lynn Halsted
Kathryn Hannay
Marcia Hardy
Sachiko Hattori
George Hauser
Janice Hawkins
Diana and Don Henrichsen
Robert and Shirley Henry
Virginia Henry
Irene Hoey
Elizabeth Horn
Nikki Howe
James Howley
Bonnie Hubbard
Susan Hubbard
Ruth and Karsten Huehn
Karen Humphrey
David Hunter
Mary Ann Hunter
Kathleen Hurley
Mary and Ken Husby
Bonnie Irwin
Betty Jackson
Robert and Teri Jay
Indeera Johnn
Sarah Johnson
Richard Judd and Linda Argeter
Laura Kelly
Kim Kiest
Sue Kirkpatrick
Don and N.B. Klein
Dorothy Koeff
Gladys Kosobayashi
Michelle Kuang
Robin Kulakow and Bill Julian
Karen Kurokawa
Margaret Lacey
Lesley Lathrop
Sue Lawson
Paget Leh Lenarz
Robert and Barbara Jean Lester
Mary Linzer
Shirley Litzinger
Janice Long
Miriam Low
Martha Mallery
Dwight and Susan Marshall
Marlene Martin
Gail Masters
Lilian Masters
Jack Mather
David Mattes
Mary Ann Matthews
Miles McBreen
Michael and Nan McCauley
Gregory and Michele McCoy
Sr. Mathilde McDuffie
Allyn McGuire
Rita McIntire and David Campbell
Stan and Marilyn McMahan
Duke McPherson
Fred and Roberta McPherson
Alice Mestemacher
Carol Meyer
Jo Ann Mills
Korina Moreno
Kelly Morgan
Erin Morita
John and Dixie Morse
Barry Murphey
Kris Nardello
Karyn Nelson
Norma Nessier
Marlene Paganini
Aditya Pal
Pam Peniston
Sherry Pennell
Gladys Perkins
Marie Perucca-Ramirez
Monica Pielage
James Poket
Richard Pollak
Stephen Porten
Elizabeth Proctor
Harriet Meyer Quarre
Peter Radcliff
Georgia Ramirez
Frederick Rankin
Sue Rennels and Mike Grisez
Emily Renzel
William and Deborah Ricks
Susan Rodriguez
Susann Rogberg-Lavars
Stephanie Ruskell
Virginia Sincich
Edna Skillicorn
Lindley Sloan
Jerry Smith
Karen Smith
Charles Spiegel
John Stacey
Michael Stanway
Terry Surette
Pamela Takigawa
Priya Thridandam
Leslie Timpe
Ann Treadwell
Frank Triska and Edna Arbetmann-Triska
Alex Van Zyl
Celeste Ventura
Delia Voitoff-Bauman
Candace Waage
Stephen Walker
Brian Weed
Ed and Rina Weingold
Gale Weir
Jackie Weltman
Michelle Welty
Bonnie Whisler
Carole Whittaker
Larry Williams
Leslie Wilson
Marvin Wolf
Kimberly Wright
Samuel and Terry Wright
Patricia Yeargin
Donna Ziel
Richard Zukin


We are grateful to all the members and supporters whose contributions make it possible for the Elkhorn Slough Foundation to continue to protect and restore the Elkhorn Slough and its watershed.

Thank you!

If you have questions or find an error in your listing, please contact us at 831.728.5939 or



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