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Donor Recognition and Thanks

Elkhorn Slough is being protected through the generosity and partnership of many individuals, business, and agencies. We would like to recognize and thank everyone who provides support for the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Elkhorn Slough Foundation. Your commitment to our work – from conserving and restoring the land to estuary science and wetlands education – provides the critical support needed for Elkhorn Slough to be protected forever providing inspiration for generations to come.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund


Community Foundation for Monterey County
Dynegy, Inc. >>
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)


Barnet Segal Charitable Trust
Pacific Gas and Electric Company >>



IBM International Foundation
Pebble Beach Company Foundation
Summa Peto Foundation
The Fair Share Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.


Land Partner ($10,000 and above)


James Morton Morley
Richard and Mary Solari Charitable Trust


The Cathleen Chandler Eckhardt and Terry Eckhardt Fund at the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
Ruth S. Hartmann

Conservation Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Shirley Murphy and Cecilia Anderson
Herb and Nancy Greenfield
Frank F. Orr and Zoe Ann Orr Fund for Elkhorn Slough Foundation of the CFSCC 
Barnet Segal Charitable Trust
Peter Neumeier and Gillian Taylor


Stewardship Circle ($1000 - $4,999)


Bill and Nancy Doolittle
Bill and Patricia Eggleston
Harrison Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
Suzanne and Robert O. Taunt III


Steven and Sona M Dennis
Steve and Jane Green
Kristi and Jan van Greunen
Dick and Barbara Hammond
Gary and Sandra Hornbuckle
Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
Richard S. Pasetto and Sherry Palacios
Iris Rodgers
David L. Fried and Diann Russell
Lydia Villarreal
Mary Wright


Max and Jean Bell
Will B. and Margaret M. Betchart
Judith Connor
Gwen and Bob Gin
Jack Golphenee
Samuel and Hope Hale
Linda Jordan
Katherine Klein
Wayne Krill
Lynn and Richard Magruder
Linda L. Melton
Konny Murray

Anne Olsen
Jack and Tama Olver
Richard and Jane Peattie
George Perry
Aneita and John Radov
Allen and Cynthia Ruby
Kirk and Carol Schmidt
Will and Mary Shaw Fund of the Community
  Foundation for Monterey County
Mark Silberstein and Jane King-Silberstein
Genny Smith
Ronald H. Tyler


Pamela Roe
Anne Secker


Carli Bertrand
Terry and Zeo Coddington
Judy Donaldson
Larry Abrams and Devorah Harris
Alfred and Katherine Herbermann
Bob Johnson
Richard Kirby and Michele Wilde-Kirby
Gudrun and John Wasson
Steve Webster
Marsha McMahan Zelus



Paul Fleischman and Patty Brown
Gerard and Katharina D'Amore
Nora L Deans
Marilyn H. Hopkins
Gillian Hunter
Barbara Indra
Jessica Leas
Marjorie Longo
Elenita Q. Mathew
Mary McLain
Ross and Jess Millikan

Don and Laura Newmark
Sharon Osberg
Symona Siqueiros and Kenton Parker
Don and Ann Rathjen
Marc Rosen
Melodye L. Serino
John and Lonna Sherwin
Naidene Stengel
Lorili Toth
Tom Williams


Juana and Andreas Acrivos
Betsy Buchalter Adler
AI-EN Nikkei Services Inc.
Ali A. Amiry
Eddie and Lois Anderson
Suzanne Appel-Farringto
Russell Baggot
Gary and Helen Bahr
Patricia Bartz
Kathleen Becker
Clayton and Sarah Berling
Thomas F. Bickel
Beverly Naumann and Richard Bishop
Barry and Kathy Blodgett
Ms Margaret Bohn
Marjorie A. Bourret
Paul Bradshaw
Tom Bush
Tami L Busse
Audrey Butcher
Patricia Cervantes
Max Chaplin
Tim Christoffersen
Ed and Ann Clifton
Jacqueline Colbert
Jeffery Collins
Diane and Don Cooley
Lind W. and Jeananne W. Coop
Richard Le Cour
Catherine Crockett
Wendy Cumming
Dolores Dannemiller
Annette and Doug Danzer
David Day
Shanta Day
Enrique Degregori
Daryl Dichek
Steve Dobler (Dobler Ranches)
Robert and Esther Donovan
Mary Brooke Doverspike
Emily Dubois
Pat Duran
Daniel T. Emerson
Jim Engelman
Vikki Erickson
Mark Smallwood & Taffy Everts
The Reid Family
George Feliz and Mary Cooper Feliz
Kay and Les Filler
Michele W. Finch
Ruth A. Forsberg
Mike and Linda Foster
Rick and Cheryl Fournier
Peter and Robin Frazier
Nora Freeman
Thelma Frei
David L. Freyberg
David and Mary Fullerton
Cathy Gamble
Judith Garrison
Jim and Charlene Geers
Brian and Sarah Gentile
Beverly Gilfillian
Joseph Giunta
Winnie and Les Gorn
Marlene Grass
Constance P. Greene
H. Gary and Lynne Greene
Candace Haber

Dan and Rebecca Haifley
Anne Harrington
Christopher Harrold
Penny Hanna and Slim Helpern
Patti and Brian Herman
Bob and Ann Hestand
John T. Heyl
Nancy and Steven Highbarger
Gerry Weber and Suzanne Holt
Larry and Marcia Hulberg
John Hunt
Ben and Mary Ellen Irons
Marcia Love-Jackson and Robert S. Jackson
Cristopher Johnson
Peter Johnson
Sallie Johnson
George E. Miller, Jr.
John B. Roberts and Sara Kane
Sally Kane
Margie Kay
Frank and Debbie Kendrick
James and Carole Kenney
Trisha and Brandon Kett
Robert and Diane Knourek
David and Jane Kretzmann
Jessie Lacy
Bryan Largay
Melanie LeBlanc
Robert and Nancy Ley
Thomas Lushnia
Valera Lyles
Kerstin Wasson and Bruce Lyon
Susan Maresco
Michael Marsh
Laura Martin
John and Megan Martinelli
Robert and Lisa Martone
Richard and Katherine Mattson
Jim and Lynne McCammon
Susan McCloud
Skip McLaughlin
Marilyn McLoughlin
Jean McNamara
John K. Colwell, MD
Michael Merrithew
Kathryn Metz
Pat and Larry Miller
Eva Miranda
John and Ellen Moir
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society
Simone and George Mortan
Jacqueline and Peter Moseley
Daniel Mountjoy
Ruth Nedelsky
Rob Neyer
David and Mariann Novarina
Lawrence K. and Carolyn Olsen
Irene Osterbrock
Terry Palmisano
Eva and Ted Parrott
Janina and Charles Paul
Mark and Mary Paxton
John and Vicki Pearse
Creighton Peet
Wendy Pelton
Lynne and Richard Penrose
Donna Perry
Marion Petersen
Winthrop Pickard
C. Michael Pinto

Dobler Ranches
Mike and Terry Rein
Dean Robbins
Marion Robotti
Carol and William F Rodgers
Leonard and Pearl Rosenthal
Anne Alexander Rowley
J. Rozadilla
David Sacarelos
Dianne Safholm
Joseph von Schwind
Peggy E. Scoggin
Robert and Barbara Scoles
Maggie Seely
Sandra Sims-Martin
Rod and Nancy Skager
Richard Skolly
Donald and Victoria Slichter
Brewster and Deborah Smith
Craig and Wendy Smith
Dennis and Ellen Smith
Ken Smith
Laura Smith
Roger V. Smith
Laura Solorio
David and Mary South
Shirley Sparling
Mary Nelson and Lance Sprague
Maureen Starr
Diane Steelsmith
Anita Stewart
Becky and Jorge Suarez
Linda Beth Tabor-Beck
Jerry and Jean Thomas
Peter and Sue La Tourrette
Jonna F Triggs
Dee and Peter Trundle
Anne and Steve Turner
Jeanne Turner
Mari Tustin
Nancy B. Veitch
Grace Voss
Mark G. Wagner
Cindy and John Wallbrink
Gerald Weber
Sharon Rose Weiner
Ed and Rina Weingold
Joyce Weiss
Judith H. Carey and Russell B. Weisz
Bill and Jeanne Weseloh
Barbara West
Deborah Bronstein and Evans Whitaker
Dick White
Mary Ann Wilson
Jon and Jill Winston
David & Susan Wirshup
Joe & Roslyn Witt
Jonathan and Susan Wittwer
Bart and Cynthia Wolfe
Delilah Wood
Dan Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker
Karen L Young
Lois Young
Robert Ziobro


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