Rikke Jeppesen
Estuarine Ecologist
Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reseach Reserve

In order to determine baseline characteristics of water quality and estuarine populations, Rikke works on long-term monitoring of, and short-term research on relationships between water quality, algal abundance and invertebrate populations, such as native and non-native crabs and fish. Rikke is currently working in collaboration with multiple researchers on the relationships of invasive invertebrates and their predators. She is also currently working on habitat restoration and native plant propagation in a soon-to-be restored salt marsh. She works closely with volunteers and coordinates monthly water quality sampling events, and she mentors interns from local universities, as well as summer interns. Additionally, Rikke works on a large scale marsh restoration project, where she collaborates on anything from writing proposals and reviewing permits, to organizing stakeholder meetings and writing project reports to various agencies. She has a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from UC Santa Cruz and her interests are invasive invertebrates, and how water quality and nutrients affect estuarine species.