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Elkhorn Slough NERR & ESF: Meet the Staff

This is the staff of the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and Elkhorn Slough Foundation. Choose the links below to learn more about our slough family.
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DFGDave FelizDave Feliz
Reserve Manager
Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
(831)728-2822 ext. 302

Dave Feliz has been working on Fish and Wildlife lands since 1988. Originally from Southern California, he has worked on the restoration and management of wetlands in a variety of settings. Over the years, he has set up a variety of active working partnerships to further the management of both upland and wetland habitats. He has an avid interest in birding, finding reptiles and amphibians and outdoor nature photography.

ESFMark SilbersteinMark Silberstein
Executive Director
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
(831)728-5939 ext. 231

Trained as a marine zoologist, Mark has worked on the study and conservation of coastal wetlands for three decades. Working with a group of community volunteers, Mark developed the land trust function of the Foundation, which is aggressively working to conserve and restore the Elkhorn Slough, one of the last remaining estuarine wetlands on the central coast. Mark was on a team of conservationists that developed a watershed conservation plan for the Elkhorn watershed that led to significant funding for land acquisitions here. Mark is known for pursuing collaborative approaches to conservation and for a fondness for mud.

Education and Outreach
Amanda Ankenbrandt - ESNERR Department of Fish and Wildlife Interpreter II
Virginia Guhin - ESNERR Department of Fish and Wildlife Interpreter II
Grey Hayes - ESNERR Coastal Training Program Coordinator
Ariel Hunter - ESNERR Afterschool Educator
Grant Lyon - ESNERR Coastal Training Program Assistant Coordinator
Katie Pofahl - ESF Outreach Coordinator
Varyl White - ESNERR Visitor Center Naturalist / Education Assistant
Tricia Wilson - ESNERR Visitor Center Coordinator and Naturalist / ESF Bookstore Assistant

Susanne Fork - ESNERR Research Biologist
John Haskins - ESNERR Water Quality Monitoring Scientist
Rikke Jeppesen - ESNERR Estuarine Ecologist
Kerstin Wasson - ESNERR Research Coordinator

Land Stewardship
Bree Candiloro - ESNERR Stewardship Specialist
Ken Collins - ESF Land Steward
Kevin Contreras - ESF Land Acquisitions Coordinator
Charlie Endris - GIS Specialist
Corey Hamza - ESNERR Scientific Aide
Kim Hayes - ESF Stewardship Director
Andrea Woolfolk - ESNERR Stewardship Coordinator

Tidal Wetland Project
Monique Fountain - Tidal Wetland Project Director

Administrative and Facilities Support
Michelle Bakker - ESNERR Business Services Assistant
Janie Bettencourt - ESF Administrative Director
Mike Curthoys - ESNERR Fish and Wildlife Technician
Gabriele Estill - ESF Grant Manager
Korina Moreno - ESF Administrative Assistant
Scott Nichols - ESF Development and Communications Manager
Lorili Toth - ESF Director of Development and Communications
Lisa Zaretsky - ESF Webmaster


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