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Elkhorn Slough Habitats: Harbor and Bay

The Moss Landing Harbor, built in 1946, is a popular starting point for fishing and boating excursions out into the Bay and Slough. Despite the boats, restaurants and busy highway of the harbor area; birds, otters and other animals find refuge in its calm waters. You'll find gulls, pelicans, cormorants waiting for a free meal among the boats and old pilings. California sea lions sleep away the day on empty docks and otters rest in the quiet waters and beaches of the north harbor.

Beyond the harbor and the mouth of the slough lies the Monterey Bay, rich with sea life-- from sandy shores to kelp forests to the Monterey Bay's submarine canyon. The waters at the mouth of the slough are much different in salinity, turbitity and inhabitats than the waters further up the slough due to fresh water influence and tidal changes.

We are currently featuring the following slough life from this habitat:


For a more complete look at the habitats of Elkhorn Slough, we recommend the book Changes in a California Estuary, available in our Bookstore.


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