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Estuarine Conservation Research at Elkhorn Slough

Besides coordinating monitoring programs, ESNERR staff carry out a variety of other estuarine conservation research projects. These investigations focus on poorly known aspects of Slough ecology, threats to biological communities and threats to physical habitat structure. Click on the following links for brief descriptions of on-going studies:

Native Oyster Restoration

Tidal Erosion

Ecotone Invasions and Restoration

Invertebrate Invasions

Insects of Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

For a description of Research Coordinator Kerstin Wasson's conservation research, click here.

The Reserve's research staff regularly publish the results of their conservation research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. A bibliography of their publications from 2005-2010 follows:

Publications authored by Reserve research staff (names in bold).  Former NERR Graduate Research Fellows that co-authored these studies are underlined.  Citations are in reverse chronological order (youngest to oldest).

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