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Hunting at Elkhorn Slough

While not allowed at the Reserve, hunting is allowed in certain parts of the Elkhorn Slough during the waterfowl season. Please educate yourself about all the rules and regulations before attempting to hunt at the Slough.

For fishing and hunting information, please contact the Monterey Office of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife: (831) 649-2870.

As of 2013-14 season the Regulations are as follows (subject to change):

Moss Landing Wildlife Area
Type C Area 783 acres
Location and Access: Access by boat only. Located adjacent to the north bank of Elkhorn Slough, approximately 1-1/4 miles north of the town of Moss Landing on Highway 1. Daily Hunter Capacity: No limit. For information call (831) 649-2870.
(A) Method of Take Restrictions: No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed.
(B) Hunt Days: Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays during open seasons for authorized species. Campfires are prohibited.
(C) Authorized Species: Waterfowl, coots, and moorhens.
(D) Camping and Trailers: Not allowed.
(E) Special Restrictions: Closed to all hunting on New Years Day. The Salt Ponds are closed to hunting.

You can find more information here:

We have provided this information as a courtesy to you. The information provided here may not be the most current. You are responsible for knowing where these areas are, when hunt days and times are, what species are permitted, and when the season is open. There is no hunting on private lands and no hunting at the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve areas of the Slough. Please also be aware of the many people who use this area for kayaking, birding and other recreational uses. Safety and caution is of the utmost importance.



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