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Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve Advisory Committee


Reserve Advisory Committee - RAC

The Reserve Advisory Committee (RAC) membership is made up of Reserve
stakeholders that serve as advisors and liaisons for ESNERR. These
individuals support ESNERR in developing and achieving its vision and goals,
as well as serve as ambassadors for ESNERR within the community each member


The distinguished RAC members are:


Carolyn Anderson Local Resident
Ed DeMars Monterey County Board of Supervisors
Lee Genz Industrial Property
Yohn Gideon Moss Landing Harbor District
Jim Harvey Moss Landing Marine Lab
Benita Low Education
Paul Michel Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary
Marilyn McLaughlin ESNERR Volunteer Representative
Katie Morange CA Coastal Commission
Simone Mortan Monterey Bay Aqaurium
Terry Palmisano California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Mark Silberstein Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Rick Starr University of California, Sea Grant
John Warriner The Nature Conservancy


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