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Elkhorn Slough Conservation: What's Being Done

The Elkhorn Slough Conservation Efforts
The Elkhorn Slough Foundation, a local non-profit organization, and the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, a partnership between California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are working together to conserve and restore the Elkhorn Slough estuary and its watershed.

Conservation is not a one-time action.  Everything the Foundation and the Reserve does is centered on conserving the Elkhorn Slough. It is a daily effort with no end and it is often little steps that when combined result in big action. We work with a variety of partners – NOAA, California Dept of Fish and Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Coastal Conservancy, and many others – to help us further our conservation efforts.  These actions focus on five main areas:

  • Land acquisition:

Through purchase or donation, the Reserve and the Foundation has protected nearly 5,500 acres of land to conserve the Elkhorn Slough.  This land comprises property owned and managed by the Reserve bordering the Slough itself, or owned or managed by the Foundation in the hillsides that surround the Slough.  Management of the lands on or surrounding the Slough protects the wetlands from run-off and pollution.
Learn more about the protected lands of the watershed

  • Education

Understanding the value and importance of wetlands is the first step in wanting to conserve it.  Through the award-winning visitor center, public and member tours, and an extensive education program, we help inspire conservation today and into future generations.
Learn more about our education program

  • Science:

Both the Reserve and Foundation are guided by the research conducted on the slough.  ESNERR's Research program include studies on slough life, water quality, tide flow and offer specific recommendations to conserve and restore estuarine habitats and implement them.
Learn more about the research and science being studied at the slough

  • Land restoration:   

Healing land to return it to a more natural state after it has been degraded by human interference is essential to being good stewards of the land.  Our restoration work has transformed hundreds of acres from former agriculture fields to new maritime chaparral hillsides.  The work is hard and dirty, but taking care of the land is what we’ve promised to do as a means of conserving Elkhorn Slough.
Learn more about the restoration of Elkhorn Slough property

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