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You Can Help Create a New Future

Monterey County Gives!

Help create a new future for an iconic California ranch house.  Your donations will go further when you make a gift through MCGives.  The Weekly provides a match for every gift AND this year a donor will double each contribution received up to $30,000. The MCGives! campaign runs through Dec. 31st.

Learn more about our BIG IDEA and please DONATE.

King Tides this Week!

King Tides

King tides are the highest high tides of the year. These seasonal high tide events help us envision how our communities might be impacted by rising sea levels due to climate change.

Upcoming King Tides:

  • November 24, 25, and 26, 2015
  • December 22, 23, and 24, 2015
  • January 21 and 22, 2016

Find out more about King Tides and upcoming walk on January 22nd.

Slough Crew News

Slough Crew

Students from North Monterey County High School are learning more about science and the slough in our expanded partnership with our local high school.  This year the “Slough Crew” has talked with water quality specialists, collected acorns for future plantings with our stewardship team, and learned about marine mammals on the Slough Safari. Up on their agenda is restoring the beach and so much more. 

Thanks for helping us inspire the next generation of conservationists!

Stewardship Tips for the Winter

Education transportation grants at the Reserve

With the prediction of an El Nino this year, our stewardship teams have been preparing the lands for heavy rains.  During the next couple of months we are going to save this space on our home page to share some tips for preparing your land for the winter.  Nothing too involved just some simple ideas from our experts.

Here’s the first one:  Have a fence located on a hillside?  Consider protecting the posts by placing sandbags on the uphill side and loosely curve the sandbag around the post to divert water and run-off away around the it.

Check back for more tips during the upcoming weeks.


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Elkhorn Slough harbors the largest tract of tidal sart marsh in California outside of San Francisco Bay.
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